This was my second time creating a blog, but was the first time doing so for marketing. Although I have known how to choose a theme and post the content related to my research, it was still not an easy thing to arrange the layout. I discussed with my professor many times about selecting the most appropriate layout that includes the sidebars in the right side of my front page.

I learned how to use hyperlinks in the context, and how to upload videos from Youtube and music from Soundcloud. In my previous blog and website which were created for my senior project, I was only aware of referencing the images that I downloaded from the website. Now I realize that any resources such as video and music that come from other websites must mark the source as well. Sidebar arrangement is a challenge for me. I spent days to work out how to hide some sidebars such as “Translate website”  for avoiding a mess on the front page. In addition to this, I am still struggling to add a page jump hyperlink that helps me set up multilingual posts.

With all that said, I still need to improve my blogging skills, and if time allows, I will continuously enrich the content of each post. Constantly promoting my skills in various areas is always my goal.


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