10. Is studying abroad a good choice?

In China, the trend of sending children to study abroad does not seem to slow down. I remembered a student said in the share meeting of Chinese students who study abroad, “I do not know whether it is a correct choice to study abroad or not, but I have been able to predicate what kind of high schools, universities, and jobs I will find with my current grades in China. Conversely, I am not sure about my future in U.S., but I am looking forward to it!”

Parents began to consider earlier whether they can help their children create a bright future. This summer in China a TV show called A Love for Separation was released which is the first that focuses really on the phenomenon of students studying abroad. In this play, the hero’s father said something impressive, ” When a generation cannot change their own surroundings, they want their children to be in a good place. Just like your grandfather sent me to study in an urban school, sailing from a rural place several years ago. He told me to not miss home and live in a better place, not only for myself but also for future generations. “

Everyone’s understanding of studying abroad is different, so the conclusion might be objective and that there is no right or wrong for studying abroad.


img source: Baidu.com


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