8. Face The Challenges or Get Opportunities?


  • Some of the Chinese students still have serious language problems when they enter foreign universities, so they may have difficulty with participating in class’ discussion. Some have no idea how to make local friends or how to achieve their academic goals. This could lead to a cycle of negative outcomes such as the loss of confidence and the negation of self worth.
  • By understanding those students who have the same experience of studying abroad,  we find that the most common challenge that Chinese students encounter is looking for a job after graduation. My cousin has been to New York studying in a graduate program for almost three years. Her dream is to become an ICPA accountant and to be employed at the world’s top 500, so she is always on the run to a variety of job fairs. Unfortunately, even if she had to participate in job fairs, flew from New York to California, and was regarded with favor by the recruiter, they directly rejected her after knowing she needed their help to apply for a H-1B visa.



  • Living in a foreign country without your parents and friends means you have to be an independent and strong person within a short time, because you may experience lots of unpredictable things and have to solve it for yourself. Studying abroad has prompted many students to learn how to calm down quickly in case of problems, and to find the best solution to effectively solve that problem. In other words, the majority of companies are starting to explore the international market, which means if you are bilingual or multilingual and understand local culture, it will bring you more opportunities while applying for a job.


Source: Youtube

The video above shows how Chinese students thought of their college life in Purdue University and was uploaded from SS D.


One thought on “8. Face The Challenges or Get Opportunities?

  1. I am an international student, came to the United States to study for me is a challenge. I had to concentrate my attention on the teacher’s lecture because the teachers had their different accents.


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