7. Main ways to study abroad.

Chinese college students’ main way to study abroad at their own expense include exchange programs, summer schools, Overseas Education Consulting & Service , DIY applications, and cooperations. Among them, the students participate in exchange programs and some cooperations have not obtained college diplomas or degree certificates, and summer schools are usually summer training programs which is not part of academic education. Therefore, the way of undergraduates to study abroad is mainly limited to government sponsored dispatch and self funded.

For college students, government funded is one of the main ways to study abroad. Plenty of colleges in China have international exchange programs that provide opportunity to those outstanding graduates.


img source: Baidu.com

  • Overseas Education Consulting & Service

It is basically a product of market-oriented economy. They are recognized by the Ministry of Education qualification. This is the way the majority of the high school graduates apply for foreign universities. One of the most famous is Beijing New Oriental Vision Overseas Consulting Co.

The video below that from New Oriental Vision Overseas Consulting Co., Ltd. introduces how this company forms and operates

Source: Youtube

DIY means to apply for foreign universities by yourself.  The individuals provide relevant application materials to  school,  and take the initiative to contact with institutions of admission matters.





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