5. Misunderstanding of Chinese students?

Learning style

The most common stereotype of Chinese students is that they don’t seem to have any idea or even care about the conversation because of their silence. According to Characteristics of Chinese Students’ Learning Styles, Chinese students are more used to listening to the teachers rather than interacting with teachers. As a Chinese student, I would say that it is because of the way we are taught. From the first day in school, our parents and other elders tell us that we should listen to teachers who represents authority somewhat. If someone interrupts or questions the teacher in the class, others will look at him/her with strange eyes and consider this behavior as disrespectful.


The video below comes from Channel C. From the video, I hope people could break the misunderstand that Chinese students don’t party because of shyness. It only means people live in different ways.

Source: Youtube


3 thoughts on “5. Misunderstanding of Chinese students?

  1. Actually the topic you have choice is inspire me and let me think about another kinds of misunderstanding of Chinese students. There are a great number of education experts, international students and American professors believe that Chinese students just work hard for exams and the only thing they are good at( care about) is the ability to do examinations. However, nowadays there are more and more Chinese students pay attention to ability to practicing in real life. One examples can prove it is more and more Chinese people win Nobel prize.
    All in all, it’s a fantastic aspect and I love it!


  2. Hey Yimo ,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog especially this entry. In all of my scholarly experience there’s always been an issue with students that tend to be quiet and professors just don’t understand that some students are just accustomed to this behavior. Splendid video as well 🙂


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