3. Want a diploma? Want to get better education?

According to YIBADA, it seems like there are two different views of studying abroad for Chinese students. Some of them pursue a foreign diploma in order to improve their status whether they go back China or stay in U.S. Others only focus on getting a better education and open their eyes to a new culture. Both of the two views above make sense to me as an international student from China.

According to my own observations and personal experience, in China, the overall societal culture creates or contributes to the formation of many trends such as sending children to study abroad. Several years ago, many elders around me started to talk about studying abroad which represents a new way to get higher status and make more money after graduation. I feel like it is because of an idolatry that people who can speak foreign languages especially English are often seen to have a better ability to work.

But as more and more Chinese have been abroad, they changed the views of studying abroad. The foreign diploma is no longer an advantage to applying for a job in most of the Chinese companies.


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One thought on “3. Want a diploma? Want to get better education?

  1. I have noticed the dramatic increase in number of chinese students wanting to study abroad. I find it funny how different I see the value of education when I compare students here in the States compared with those in China. In addition, language is key when it comes to study abroad as many students want to learn the language.

    I like how you gave your personal insight!


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