2. Culture factors affect daily performance

Chinese students study English since primary school, but most of them still have a language barrier when they first come to English-speaking countries. One of the reasons is that there is no language environment to practice English in China. Schools only focus on lectures and tests rather than real-life application.

We may come to notice that people from different cultures have different views of the world. The food we eat, the customs we adapt, and the beliefs we have are totally different. Some people believe modesty is a virtue, some disagree.

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Social Behavior
In some cultures, people should always be on time for meetings, classes, and any activities to show respect. However, people will be either later or early in some cultures. You cannot judge whether their behavior is right or wrong because of different cultural backgrounds.

Climate may be an important factor. A person who grows up in a warm place will definitely feel uncomfortable when he/she first goes to a cold place. It may take time to get used to living in the cold place.


One thought on “2. Culture factors affect daily performance

  1. One of a interesting thing spring to my mind after read your this blog is that I am two children’s Chinese tutor and they never come to meet on time. At first I was confused about what they did but I understand them gradually because I know the different cultures may build up different kinds of people when they do something.


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