This is a project from International Marketing course. As more and more Chinese students are studying abroad, many people are confused and curious about the presence of this trend. I chose this topic because I am an international student from China, and it allows me to speak about my experience studying abroad. This identity makes it easier to find out the causes and consequences of Chinese students studying abroad. Incidentally, it is also a process to improve self-awareness, and I hope that through this research I can better understand my expectations for the future.

The salient factors of Chinese students studying abroad are younger age and self-funding. Now, many families in China which have only one child are joining the middle class. These families are able to focus on affording their children’s education, so most of the Chinese students are self-funded. According to China Daily, more Chinese parents choose to send their children abroad to study in kindergarten or in high school because they believe it is the best way to adapt early to living and studying in America if their children will eventually go to university.